Hello! I'm Abbey...

…a recovering research scientist, personal assistant to a three year old, and founder of Science Mama. Originally from New Zealand, I gained a BSc and MSc in Australia, specialising in the human immune system and infectious diseases. I moved to the UK to work in HIV research at Imperial College London, then more recently on NHS England’s 100,000 Genomes Project.

In 2017 I hung up my lab coat to stay home with my son. My days are now very different to those in the lab where I spent my time fiddling with DNA, growing viruses and dissecting tissue for experiments (including, to my husband’s horror, male genitalia). Despite this I still hold a strong interest in human biology and a love of the natural world, which I hope to share with you through Science Mama.

What is Science Mama?

Image: © Elyse Marks

Science Mama is about living and parenting scientifically. It is a platform for critically reviewing the latest health research, differentiating between high and low quality evidence and translating this information into real life.

Science Mama also provides inspiration on science and nature-related things to see, do, buy and read for adults and children, in London and beyond.

Questions? Comments? Article requests? I’d love to hear from you! hello@sciencemama.co.uk


Please note that I am a scientist, not a medical doctor. Science Mama articles are written to be informative rather than provide medical advice. All photography is my own unless credited otherwise. Please get in touch should you wish to share my images.